Tuff Gurlz Story

I created Tuff Gurlz Jewelry because I could not find a piece of jewelry that represented how far I had come in dealing with my war related PTSD.  

Tuff Gurlz jewelry is designed for the woman who has been knocked down by life. It’s for the woman who has been bruised, bloodied, and scarred by life. It’s for the woman who got back up and ask life for more. Never forget what’s inside…you are Royston baby!

Tuff Gurlz jewelry is made with only Royston Turquoise (Because it’s my favorite turquoise). It’s crafted with less than high grade turquoise because none of us are perfect. It is crafted with intentional dings, dents, and uneven patina. Tuff Gurlz jewelry is reasonably priced because Tuff Gurlz have been through some shit and deserve a break! Wear Tuff Gurlz jewelry as a reminder of how far you have come.

 Tuff Gurlz Jewelry allows the purchaser to give back  to others in need! Profits from the sale of Tuff Gurlz jewelry is donated to Family Promise, a non profit organization. You can read about how Family Promise is ending homelessness by going to familypromise.org

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