Tuff Gurlz Logo necklace 16 inches long with royston turquoise beads.  Handmade by Taylor Made Silver.

Sterling Silver Tuff Gurlz Logo Necklace Tuff Gurlz Necklace 7

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Tuff Gurlz jewelry is made for women who have been knocked down by life.  It’s for women who have been beaten, bloodied and scarred by life.  It’s for women who got back up and ask life for more.  Never forget what’s inside…you are Royston baby!!

Tuff Gurlz jewelry is made with only Royston Turquoise.  It is one of only a few types of turquoise that is tough enough, durable enough to be used without stabilizing and it’s my favorite!  I select less than high grade stones because hey, none of us is perfect.  Tuff Gurlz jewelry comes with intentional dents, dings, scratches and uneven patina!  Celebrate how far you’ve come by wearing Tuff Gurlz Jewelry! 

Two layers of sterling silver on 16 inches of sterling silver chain with a 2 inch extension. This piece is 1 1/4 tall by 1 1/2 nich wide.
Two Royston Turquoise beads accent the chain. Natural Royston Turquoise set in sterling silver.  

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