About the Artist

I was medically retired from the Army with PTSD after my tour in Iraq, where I served as a combat medic in 2005. I found it quite difficult to adjust to life after war, as a result I spent time in several VA hospitals for psychiatric care. During one of these hospital stays, it was suggested that I get a hobby to occupy my hands and my mind. I learned the art of metalworking as a way to keep my hands and mind busy. I found that working with my hands to create jewelry was very therapeutic. I have been creating jewelry since 2007, doing so has helped me deal with my war related PTSD. I am blessed to pursue what has become my passion. 

I draw my inspiration from my love of rusty, rustic, imperfect and weathered items as well as the southwest where I spent some of my upbringing. I create pieces that are different because we are all unique. I create one of a kind or limited edition pieces from my designs. I use a variety of traditional metalsmithing techniques in my work. I enjoy using unique and unexpected materials. I use recycled .925 and.999 silver because they are the highest quality of silver and will stand the test of time. I use ethically sourced gemstones, cabochons, rough stones and natural elements in my work, I use recycled and recyclable materials in my packaging. I want Taylor Made Silver to leave a large impact on personal style while leaving a small footprint on our environment.  


Tuff Gurlz Story

Tuff Gurlz jewelry is designed for the woman who has been knocked about a bit by life. It’s for the woman who has been bruised, bloodied, and scarred by life. It’s for the woman who got up and ask life for more. Never forget what’s inside... you are Royston baby!

Tuff Gurlz jewelry is handmade with Royston Turquoise and sterling silver. It is crafted with intentional scratches, dents and uneven patina. Wear Tuff Gurlz jewelry as a reminder of how far you have come!

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Less than 1% of the US population serves in the military. Great work ethic, sense of pride and the desire to help others are all values of being a Veteran, and of Taylor Made Silver.


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All Taylor Made Silver designs are made with ethically sourced, high quality materials - to not only look beautiful but to last a lifetime.


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